What We Do

As a partner, we want to help you make money.

Who We Are

We are a New Jersey SEO company that supports medium & small businesses with internet marketing services. We help them reach new customers and improve the cost-effectiveness of their online presence through proven techniques. In addition, we stay on top of all the latest digital marketing trends to ensure results for all our clients.


Customer Service

Comprehensive customer service is an integral part of our process. Our team will go over the details of your individually designed package, keyword recommendations, progress reports and a detailed timeline of the services we’ll provide.


Marketing Strategies

When it comes to NJ local SEO, implementing the appropriate marketing strategies is imperative. Every zip code and every city is different. For example, a customer searching in New York City usually uses different keywords from a customer looking for the same products or services in Philadelphia.

At GorgonSEO we understand this. We analyze your zip code, and all neighboring regions to find what your targeted customers are searching for. Google has stated that 55% of all searches are now three or more keywords. People are searching online for local services and products now more than ever.

We’ll design the proper marketing strategy for your business, targeting areas you service and the appropriate national markets. Each marketing strategy is individually crafted. A one-strategy- fits-all approach simply does not work. Our commitment to the importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario is what makes GorgonSEO a trusted SEO company in New Jersey for many small businesses.


Business Evaluation

Before becoming a member of our services, we preform an individual consultation. This will include a full business evaluation that covers short and long-term goals, products and services, the current state of your online presence, visible online discrepancies, competition analysis, complete keyword recommendations, and appropriate expectations. 

*In the end, we will have a specialized strategy designed to attract the exact client base you want for your business.


Marketing Consultation

A detailed free consultation is done to recommend the package that will best serve your business needs. We explain the differences between each product, the pros and cons of the individual services, and help you realize the right strategy to achieve your business goals.